Aquaponics in the Classroom

Teachers.    Aquaponics in the Classroom seminar. Saturday October 1st at 2:pm

Cost: $30 per person

A two hour hands on demonstration of Aquaponics will be held at Victory Aquaponics in Londonderry NH on Saturday October 1st at 2:pm

Attendees will go home with enough knowledge to build and maintain their own systems.  

The practice of using the nutrients provided by fish to grow vegetables in water is not new, and has an extensive history. Students will not only learn a sustainable method to grow food; Aquaponics teaches Biology, Math, Chemistry and more.  

This seminar is for teachers and space is limited, if you are interested in scheduling a field trip for your class please leave your information in the comment section below.


What is Aquaponics?

The system is simple, fish provide nutrients to the water. The nutrients are converted by beneficial bacteria into a natural fertilizer that is used by the plants. The plants absorb these nutrients, the water is then returned to the fish tanks.

We use several different Aquaponic methods, Deep Water, where the plants are growing on rafts which are floating on water 12 inches deep; NFT, where plants grow in shallow channels with their roots hanging in a trickle of water; Zip Towers which is a method similar to NFT but the channels hang vertically. We are also installing Ebb and Flow which is a method of growing in a bed filled with shale which is flooded and drained repeatedly providing nutrients and oxygen to the plants.

This stable ecosystem provides a constant source of organic nutrients in our greenhouse. Not only is Aquaponics far more efficient than either chemical
hydroponics or fish farming, the results are much better.

Our greenhouse in Londonderry was specially designed for Aquaponics in New England and produces year round.

One of the big advantages of Aquaponics beyond its organic nature is its conservation of water. Although the plants are all growing in water we use far less than conventional methods of farming because water is constantly being recycled.
If you are interested in learning more about Aquaponics we do give private tours and training at different levels depending on your interest.

Please message us for details!